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Introduction to My Practice

Typically individuals come to psychotherapy for relief of emotional and psychological pain, which may take the form of depression, anxiety, self-defeating behavior, and/or unfulfilled relationships or goals, to name a few. Many can identify some past trauma, or perhaps some mistreatment that seems somehow connected. For others the reasons are more elusive, like a general feeling of unhappiness, perhaps with oneself or with others.I strive to help you verbalize your thoughts and feelings about what happens between us in our emerging relationship as a way of understanding your relationships in general.

At times this process feels supportive, helpful, even compelling; at other times you may feel frustrated, disappointed, even bored. I strive to facilitate a relationship building on the more positive aspects of the process, so we may tolerate and work through the difficult, painful, yet necessary frustrations typical of psychotherapy.

I apply the above approach to individual, couples, and group psychotherapy, where the focus is on using what transpires in each relationship to foster greater interpersonal learning and self-awareness, as well as identify the many obstacles we put in the way of our growth and enjoyment of life.

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